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WCBA Family Golf Tournament at Driveshack!

By WCBA Hoops 10/02/2019, 7:15am EDT

WCBA will hold its first fundraiser/fun event, a family golf tournament, at Drive Shack on Oct 26th from 12:00-3:00.   We will have 20-30 golfing bays (6 golfers/bay) with food, cash bar, prizes, and more.  What makes this fun is all ages and all abilities can play and have a great time.

All proceeds go to area schools to support kids playing sports (West Millbrook and Martin Middle Schools and Hunter Elementary).

Bring your family or a group and play together (up to 6 players/ bay).  All golfing equipment is provided and all abilities are welcome.  Register online using the link below. 

We are looking for Bay sponsors with signage in each bay and on our website:

Sponsor Level Sponsorship Benefits
$300 Half Bay

1 golfer (additional golfers $50).

Signage in your bay.

$600 Full Bay

2 golfers (additional golfers $50).

Signage in every bay.

$1200 Desert Table

3 golfers (additional golfers $50).

Signage in every bay.

Signage in common area where everyone gathers
before and after the event.

$3000 Event

4 golfers (additional golfers $50).

Name on the event title.

Signage in every bay.

Signage in common area.

Please reach out to Steve Sterrett at or 919-971-2740 to sponsor or if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas to make this a great event.

Have Fun, Work Hard, Get Better...Everyday!

Get Better Every Day with Online Training!

By WCBA Hoops 09/17/2019, 8:30am EDT

Whether this is your first year playing basketball or you are an experienced player looking for extra workouts to improve your skill set online training has over 300 drills that will help.
In addition to the individual drills our online training catalog contains partner shooting, partner ball handling, and team shooting drills.
Coaches looking to enhance practices with skill development drills will find the training database a rich and valuable resource. 
Click the button below to take advantage of the early-bird discount of 50% off the yearly membership plan during the month of September!  


Registration for WCBA's 2019-2020 Winter Rec League will run from early November through February 2020. There will be approximately 10 to 15 games and 3 to 10 practices depending on the age group. There will be a season-ending tournament.  The cost is $200 per player. Registration will close October 21st.

Games and practices will be at any of these gym locations: Trinity Academy, Fletcher Academy, St. Timothy's, Wakefield High School, Heritage High School,  West Millbrook Middle School, and  Martin Middle School.

Divisions are based on the current grade for the 2019-2020 school year.

Important dates and other information can be found here


The WCBA 2nd grade team went 4-0 for the weekend and prevailed with a combination of outstanding pressure defense (28 minutes of heck) and great ball movement.  The team won the championship game on a last second put-back. The most impressive part of the championship victory was that the team did not use a late game timeout; this team has played against older, stronger teams all season and the boys have gained enough experience to understand the situation and figure it out on their own.  The 2nd graders trailed late in the game, but forced a turnover and found a way to win. Every single player made key contributions during the championship run!  This team has come to be defined by their outstanding effort and their willingness to work and compete on every possession.  Congratulations!  

WCBA Blue 2026 overcame a sluggish start in the first half on Friday night of the tournament to defeat Garner Road Burnette.  Saturday proved to be a great matchup against a really good Team F.L.Y out of Salisbury who has been dominant in the Southeast Circuit this season.  After a tight, back and forth game, WCBA pulled ahead by a few down the stretch and closed out the game going 6-6 from the line in the final minute.  Going 2-0 in pool play WCBA advanced to the Gold Bracket.  The wins in pool play forced Team F.L.Y and Garner Road into the Silver and Bronze Brackets which they went on to win with ease.

Sunday's bracket play included games against Elite One Ballers in the semi finals and Duplin County Ball Stars in the championship game where WCBA played great defense and exploded offensively with great passing and poise with the ball.  

WCBA Blue 2026 plays hard from the tip to the buzzer every game and they all play for each other.

Spring 2 Rec League Important Dates and Season Information

By WCBA Hoops 03/15/2019, 12:00pm EDT

Dates for evaluations, drafts, first practices, and first games

WCBA Under the Bright Lights!

By WCBA Hoops 01/19/2019, 10:15am EST

WCBA Rec teams take the floor with Millbrook and play an exhibition at halftime.

4th Blue takes USBA state championship

By WCBA Hoops 05/08/2018, 9:45am EDT

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Photo of Chris Clemons by Bennett Scarborough