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Contact the WCBA staff

WCBA Board of Directors

The Wake County Basketball Association is a volunteer organization that provides basketball opportunities to kids in the Triangle and eastern North Carolina. If you have questions, contact our staff or coaches.

Steve Sterrett


Phone: (919) 971-2740

Wiley Blackburn

Board Member

Phone: (919) 812-0903‬

Lawrence Rosen

Board Member

Phone: (919) 564-9230

Brian Grover

Secretary/Treasurer (Travel)

Phone: (919) 601-9541

Jeff Emerson

Board Member

Phone: (919) 868-7084

Kevin Wolborsky

Board Member

Phone: (919) 608-2000‬

Ralph Peterson

Secretary/Treasurer (Rec)

Phone: (919) 349-4965

Dave Emmett

Board Member

Phone: ‭(919) 656-6293

Todd Saieed


Travel Team Coaches

If you are interested in playing for one of the WCBA Travel teams, or if you need to get in touch with one of our coaches, you can find their contact information below.

Mike Davis

Head Coach, 11th Blue

Tyler Meerdink

Head Coach, 10th White

Nick Stevens

Head Coach, 7th Blue

Jason Fitzgerald

Head Coach, 4th Blue

Julius McKinley

Head Coach, 11th White

Will Jones

Head Coach, 9th Blue

Matt Broda

Head Coach, 6th Blue

David Peters

Head Coach, 4th White

Craig Wilson

Head Coach, 10th Blue

Donald Williams

Head Coach, 8th Blue

Brad Deifer

Head Coach, 5th Blue